More Praise for The Shareholder Action Guide

The Shareholder Action Guide empowers every investor to work with corporations to be part of the solution. This is a must-read to help mobilize a shareholder movement that will have a major impact on climate change and other critical issues of our time.
— Timothy E. Wirth, Former U.S. Senator (Colorado) and Vice Chairman, United Nations Foundation
The Shareholder Action Guide is an incredibly important and timely reminder of what each of us can do to challenge corporate and CEO misconduct. It’s a must read for anyone looking to influence how companies treat their employees and our planet.
— Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, President & Director, The Roddenberry Foundation
This inspiring work empowers shareholders, both large and small, to hold corporations accountable—these incredible stories of shareholders who have made real change are a powerful call to action.
— Ben Cohen, Co-founder Ben & Jerry’s and Head Stamper, Stamp Stampede
The Shareholder Action Guide restores the connection between us and our money, with practical, achievable steps to push for more accountability and inspiring stories of shareholders who have already made a difference.
— Nell Minnow, Vice Chair ValueEdge Advisors
I have been involved in shareholder advocacy for over 40 years. I don’t think I have seen such a thorough presentation in one place of its nuts and bolts. The Shareholder Action Guide is a great history and how-to that empowers every investor and comes at a critical time.
— Reverend Michael H. Crosby, Midwest Capuchin Franciscans and Executive Director, Seventh Generation Interfaith Coalition for Responsible Investment
We theoretically live in shareholder capitalism. Shocking then how much energy corporate management expends making sure that shareholders voice is muffled. And how creative, energetic advocacy can remove the gag. Find out how!
— Carl Pope, Inside Straight Strategies, As You Sow Board Member
This book is a must-read for every individual and organization committed to aligning their investments with their mission. Shareholder advocacy is a powerful demonstration of a shared-leadership, shared-responsibility model benefiting everyone from investor to community to the environment. Inspiring!
— Lisa Worth Huber, Ph.D., Chair, Board of Directors, National Peace Academy
This may be the most important book you will ever read if we are going to make the ‘Great Transition’ from fossil to renewable energy. Behar has given us the framework, architecture and blueprint on how we get from here to there.
— Chip Comins, Chairman & CEO, American Renewable Energy Institute
As shareowners of public companies, we have the right, the responsibility, and the power to help guide companies to be positively impactful. The Shareholder Action Guide clearly shows how to be an impact investor in the public markets.
— Steven J. Schueth, President, First Affirmative Financial Network and Host/Producer, The SRI Conference
For all investors—small and large—who want to make a difference, The Shareholder Action Guide offers clear, practical advice. Through shareholder action, investors can take action and urge corporations to change course.
— Kathy Hipple, Corporate Finance Professor, Bard College, MBA in Sustainability
Could the power of ownership change the world? In this excellent primer Andrew Behar explains how shareholders can hold corporations accountable for their actions and improve both performance and profitability. This is a timely and thoughtful guide to competent and effective activism toward a more durable, resilient, and just society. Behar has written a practical game-plan for a world better than that in prospect. The point is that we are not helpless to effect positive change. And that is a powerful message and a clarion call to act.
— David W. Orr, Counselor to the President, Oberlin College
Shareholder resolutions are an emphatic “do something” message to corporate leaders from a constituency they can’t ignore—the investors who own the company. This excellent guide tells you how to do that.
— Jon M. Jensen, Executive Director, Park Foundation
With practical information and compelling accounts of how shareholders are pushing corporations to improve their conduct, The Shareholder Action Guide is a must read for investors mystified by the proxy process yet eager to align their assets with their values.
— Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director, Green America
Both a historical primer on the movement’s founders and a practical how-to manual, the Shareholder Action Guide demystifies the process of shareholder advocacy for concerned investors looking to catalyze enduring social and environmental change through the management of their investments.
— Joshua Zinner, Chief Executive Officer, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
Andrew Behar does a masterful job reminding anyone who has investments of our power to influence corporations, which are among the most politically powerful entities on earth today. Citing actual examples of how investors holding a relatively modest amount of stock can push companies to be more sustainable, The Shareholder Action Guide provides a wonderful combination of hope for the future and practical advice on how shareholders can wield their influence in accessible, jargon-free language. For all who thirst for social and environmental justice, this is an important book to read.
— Kimberly Gluck, Managing Director, Walden Asset Management and Member of Women Donor Network
Since Citizen’s United gave corporations the rights of citizens, I’ve wanted to hold them accountable for their bad business practices. The Shareholder Action Guide gives everyone a roadmap on how to do just that.
— Carlynn Rudd, Principal, Caribou Strategies and As You Sow Board Member
As You Sow and Andrew Behar have helped lead the charge for shareholder action in the US on environmental and societal issues, often ahead of the curve. Here is a unique opportunity to learn from those that actually do.
— Cary Krosinsky, Lecturer, Yale College and Brown University, Senior Advisor UNPRI, RLP Wealth Management
It is exceedingly important to capture history and accounts of how shareholder advocacy has impacted the policies and practices of thousands of companies over the last 45 years . Behar’s book provides an important look at this inspiring history and the differences it helped catalyze.
— Tim Smith, Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management
This book shows how everyday investors can become energized and effective advocates on a range of critical issues facing our planet. Learn directly from pros who share pioneering advocacy wins, part of an important history of change from the community of responsible investors over the last 30 years.
— Matt Patsky, CEO, Trillium Asset Management
The Shareholder Action Guide holds the key to empower investors to drive business innovation globally and make the great transition off of fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy - the choice is in our hands as engaged shareholders.
— Diana Dehm, Host, Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio
Shareholder advocacy is changing the definition of business as usual. Mixing personal stories, strategy, and practical how-to’s The Shareholder Action Guide shows how any shareowner can help build a better world.
— Michael Passoff, CEO, Proxy Impact
The only economy that will allow us to survive the 21st century is one based on ethics, human rights and sustainability. It will be an economy where people have more rights than corporations and where companies will be accountable to a broader set of stakeholders rather than only shareholders. The Shareholder Action Guide is a critical arrow in the quiver to bring this new economy to reality.
— Gary Cohen, President and co-founder, Health Care Without Harm
Through bestowing charitable status, US tax laws enable foundations to leverage social change. Foundations are therefore duty bound to society to use every available tool. This guide provides insights and means essential to foundations to fulfill their social contract.
— John Powers, President, Prentice Foundation