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Oakland, CA – November 14, 2016 –
Today, Andrew Behar, CEO of nonprofit shareholder advocacy group As You Sow, releases his first book, entitled “The Shareholder Action Guide.” Described by Robert Reich as “A valuable call to action for small shareholders to change the way big corporations do business,” the guide outlines how people can utilize their investments to shift corporate behavior.

More than 91 million Americans own shares of stock or are invested in mutual funds, and the vast majority of them abdicate their power to hold corporations accountable. The fact is, every public corporation holds an annual meeting and every shareholder has the right to vote on a slew of resolutions on issues that directly impact their lives and the futures of their families: a living wage, deforestation, climate change, animal rights, plastics polluting our oceans, CEO Pay, toxic chemicals in our products and foods, GMOs, fracking, human trafficking and slavery, and the list goes on. If you own even one share, you get a vote. If you own $2,000 worth of shares, you can file a resolution to directly address the board of directors.

“The Shareholder Action Guide” illustrates just how investments can translate into influence and can inform and empower shareholders to fight for a better world. Learn more at

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